Uncut Dice
Uncut dice act as the game's premium currency. They can be used in many ways, from shattering them into dice shards to using them to hunt monsters with the Monster Hunter.

Gaining Uncut DiceEdit

Uncut dice can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Randomly in quests or PvP by killing enemies (note: kills from poison damage will not produce Uncut dice)
  • Found from the treasure chest at the end of a quest
  • Land on one on the reward wheel after winning a PvP battle
  • Completing missions in the village (100 missions = 10 uncut dice)
  • Redeeming 20 tickets from watching movies in the village (the "movies" are typically short advertisements for other apps)
  • Purchased with real money (this can be done in large quantities)

Increasing OddsEdit

  • It is possible to increase the odds of Uncut dice dropping through certain PVP rewards. See: PVP#Rewards
  • The more damage you overroll a monster with to kill, the more valuable the loot it drops. It is possible to gain greater loot drops, coins, and health this way. See this page on the official website:



Up to 10 uncut dice can be smashed at a time into dice shards. 2 shards of varying quality are gained for each smashed uncut die. There is a higher chance of receiving rare, elemental, or ultra shards if one smashes more than one uncut dice at a time.

Other UsesEdit

Uncut Dice can be used for the following:

  • Hunting monsters from the Monster Hunter or Weekly Monsters
  • Change the current lock challenges in a PvP match
  • Buy costumes at the Costume Shop once built with Building Materials
  • Freeze additional trophy dice in PvP
  • Remove current cooldown timer on starting another PVP match
  • Activate the Monster Catcher in the middle of a battle
  • Attain Phoenix Feathers or rent the Monster Catcher in the middle of a battle
  • Traded for Coins at various rates, depending on how many uncut dice are traded at a time.