Capsule machine

Player acquired an Eye Scream sticker from a common capsule machine.

Sticker is a special type of reward, exclusive to Dark Tower. Every 5 floors player is allowed to get a random sticker from a capsule machine, located on the balcony. All collected stickers can be seen in Sticker Collection menu which can be accessed from Dark Tower level select menu.

A set of five stickers with a common theme can be exchanged on:

  • Gold Coins
  • Phoenix Ups
  • Uncut Dice
  • Other stickers with better value. Player will obtain at least one better sticker from redeeming sticker set.

Three rewards from sticker set are decided by random and depend on a tier of sticker.

Tiers Edit

Sticker set

Almost complete collection of stickers.

Sets of stickers are divided by a tier with common stickers on the left side and rarest ones on the right. Overall, there is 8 tiers of stickers.

Tier 1 Edit

  • Avians
  • Monoids
  • Insections
  • Trycloidians
  • Cephalopods
Sticker set redeem

Exchanging sticker set for rewards

Tier 2 Edit

  • Demonics
  • Consoluscode
  • Multipods
  • Edibullis
  • Eyecons
Sticker redemption

Tier 3 Edit

  • Bearpods
  • Varix
  • Gamoids
  • Pixels
  • Tenticlaives

Tier 4 Edit

  • Hauntenings
  • Toxoids
  • Gruesomes
  • Latepoids
  • Maws

Tier 5 Edit

  • Hydrons
  • Veganeths
  • Chiprocks
  • Pre-Higamic
  • Binarons

Tier 6 Edit

  • Canimoid
  • Numerions
  • Incisions
  • Lengthians
  • Tarribles

Tier 7 Edit

  • Econians
  • Treenians

Tier 8 Edit

  • Farkles
Capsule machines

All types of capsule machines, found in Dark Tower

Tier 8 is considered the best. In current update, when tier 8 set selected, instead of usual "Redeem" button a special "++++" button appears. When pressed, it shows a message:

"You did it! You completed the final set of stickers. Some day you will be able to do something with these so hang onto them"

Which points to some sort of special reward for players in future updates.

Trivia Edit

  • Sticker message

    Message that appears after getting final sticker set.

    Each sticker value is stored in one byte cell, limiting amount of stickers of one type to 255 with last value reserved to a sold out sticker. If player somehow will acquire more than 254 stickers (which requires obscene amounts of time) value will overflow, destroying all 255 stickers and, potentially, resetting the value of stickers next to it.
  • Division by groups hints at certain hierarchy between monsters.
  • Weekly hunt special monsters don't appear on stickers, while EX monsters from ingame hunt like Bulbon do.

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