A quest is a place where a hero's party can go to face monsters and have adventures. Each quest belongs to a map area and are arranged in increasing difficulty. Finishing a quest will reward you with your choice of treasure chests, provided you have stamina remaining. When these chests are presented, you have the option to pay a certain amount of gold to remove the chest with the least loot inside. When 10 chests are present, 10 gold can be paid to remove a chest. When 9 remain, the cost increases to 20 gold. The cost to remove a chest when x chests are present is 10*(11-x). 

Area Quest Unlock Condition Unlocks
Nearby Village Battle School Unlocked at beginning Monster Training Skill
Nearby Village Abandoned Shrines Complete Battle School
Nearby Village Oratory Complete Abandoned Shrines
Nearby Village Village Sewer Complete Oratory Release Monsters
Nearby Village Poisoned Gate House Complete Village Sewer
Nearby Village Hall of Records Complete Poisoned Gate House Shop
Nearby Village Townhall Complete Hall of Records Capture Dice
Nearby Village Streets of Anger Roll 10000 Dice
Nearby Village Isolated Watchtower Roll 20000 Dice
Nearby Village Boiler Room Roll 50000 Dice
Valley of Tombs Dark Glade Complete Townhall Monster Hunter
Valley of Tombs Crumbling Tunnel Complete Dark Glade Dice Smasher
Valley of Tombs Pet Cemetery Complete Crumbling Tunnel
Valley of Tombs Catacombs Complete Pet Cemetery
Valley of Tombs Halls of the Fallen Complete Catacombs
Valley of Tombs Forgotten Dungeon Complete Halls of the Fallen Kingdom of Courage
Valley of Tombs Dank Tomb Complete Forgotten Dungeon DNA Samples
Valley of Tombs Undergarden Steal 50 Trophy Dice
Valley of Tombs Fog of the Dead Steal 100 Trophy Dice
Valley of Tombs Shrine to Muertos Steal 1000 Trophy Dice
Caves of Hot Fire Burned Cathedral Complete Dank Tomb Items
Caves of Hot Fire Grave of the Fireflies Complete Burned Cathedral
Caves of Hot Fire Thurston's Moor Complete Grave of the Fireflies Architect
Caves of Hot Fire Volcanic Plateau Complete Thurston's Moor
Caves of Hot Fire Ancient Lava Field Complete Volcanic Plateau
Caves of Hot Fire Tower of Fire Complete Ancient Lava Field
Caves of Hot Fire Scorching Desert Complete Tower of Fire
Caves of Hot Fire Ember Forest Capture 100 Monsters
Caves of Hot Fire Red Sun Capture 200 Monsters
Caves of Hot Fire Mark of Cronos Capture 500 Monsters
Forest of Trees Trees of Loneliness Complete Grave of the Fireflies
Forest of Trees Lost Ruins Complete Trees of Loneliness
Forest of Trees Truth and Consequences Complete Lost Ruins
Forest of Trees Lost to the Forest Complete Truth and Consequences
Forest of Trees Ancient Waterway Complete Lost to the Forest
Forest of Trees The Trolls Enclave Complete Ancient Waterway
Forest of Trees Floating Islands ??? (Play on 5 Unique Days)
Forest of Trees Hiragana Pixel Party Play on 10 Unique Days
Forest of Trees Reign Forest Play on 20 Unique Days
Forest of Trees Lumber of the Ancients Play on 50 Unique Days
Aqueous Lake of Water Abandoned Aquaduct Complete Lost Ruins
Aqueous Lake of Water Sulphur Geyser Complete Abandoned Aquaduct
Aqueous Lake of Water Submerged Temple Complete Sulphur Geyser
Aqueous Lake of Water Water Dungeon Complete Submerged Temple
Aqueous Lake of Water Lair of the Oracle Complete Water Dungeon
Aqueous Lake of Water Deserted Beach Complete Lair of the Oracle
Aqueous Lake of Water Dried Up Riverbed Complete Deserted Beach
Aqueous Lake of Water Unforgiving Mangrove Complete 100 Quests
Aqueous Lake of Water Frozen Lake Complete 250 Quests
Aqueous Lake of Water Atlantian Ruins Complete 1000 Quests
Dark Tower Dark Tower Complete Scorching DesertFloating IslandsDried Up Riverbed
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