The Anti Corporate - Defense Club will ask you to complete various tasks after their headquarters are build. Their headquarters are a camouflage tent just south of the inn.

Notice that the game calls these activities "Quests", and also calls the various locations you go to fight monsters "Quests".

Many of their tasks are simply things you're going to do anyway, but some can require a fair bit of work just to begin the quests.

Some examples of AC-DC quests include:

  • Beat level with one dice
    • All monsters brought must also have only one die
  • Beat Level with only hero.
  • Beat level with specific hero.
  • Capture rare monsters
    • collecting DNA counts as capture
  • Hunt and defeat: <monster name>
    • Any monster might be named here
    • Capture does NOT count as defeat
  • Roll this many doubles
  • Roll this many triples
  • Use <hero type> to complete level
    • This might be your Ninja, Hunter, or any hero type
  • Win: hero at full health
  • Win: all monsters at full health
  • Win: whole party at full health
  • Find an item in a level
  • Find a dice shard in any level

There will be a number of times the activity in question is to be completed, and a location where the job is to be done. For example, you may have to roll doubles "60 times", capture rare monsters "in the Oratory", or find dice shards "in any level". When you go to the AC-DC, you can check on your quests. Each quest will show progress, such as "15/60 rolled" or "0/1 complete". You also will be shown the summary of your current quests at the end of each Quest (Location).

If you cannot (or don't want to) complete a quest, you may buy it off for one uncut die and get a new one.

When you have completed some number of missions, your rank with the AC-DC goes up, and you will get a substantial bonus. For example, attaining "Agent Of Respect" comes with a bonus of 10 uncut dice.

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