Description Edit

One of the houses that can be built in town offers secondary missions, that can be finished for additional rewards. Once built, three missions will be offered, and every time one of them is completed, a new one will substitute it. Depending on how many missions have been completed, a rank is given to the player. This rank will increase every 100 missions completed, and as a reward for ranking up, the player will receive 10 uncut dice.

Missions Edit

Each mission have two components: location and objective.

Location Edit

The location indicates the quest in the map where the player have to complete the mission. This location can be a specific quest or, as it is written in-game, "can be achieved in any level".

Objective Edit

There are several different types of objectives:

  • Finish a level X times
  • Find X items in a level
  • Find X dice shards in a level
  • Use a specific hero (either adventurer, wizard, hunter or ninja) to complete a level X times
  • Roll X doubles
  • Roll X triples
  • Finish a level X times with hero at full health
  • Finish a level X times with monsters at full health
  • Finish a level X times with party at full health
  • Finish a level X times with only one dice (using only core dice on hero and monsters)
  • Finish a level X times with hero only (without equipping any monsters)
  • Hunt and defeat a specific monster X times
  • Defeat X rare (super, mega, ultra, hyper) monsters
  • Capture X rare (super, mega, ultra, hyper) monsters

It is important to note that items collected from chests (as a reward at the end of each level, assuming you are not fatigued) do count towards item finding goals.

Ranks Edit

Every 100 missions completed, the player will rank up. The different ranks are as follow:

  1. Cadet [0-99 missions completed]
  2. Agent of respect [100-199 missions completed]
  3. Commander of carnage [200-299 missions completed]
  4. Colonel of courage [300-399 missions completed]
  5. Admiral of awesome [400-499 missions completed]

If the player has completed enough missions to rank up past 'Admiral of awesome', a prestige system will begin. The ranks remain in the same order as they once were previously, e.g.:

6. Cadet prestige 1 [500-599 missions completed]

As such:

Prestige 1 [500 missions completed]

Prestige 2 [1000 missions completed]

and so forth.

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