Dizzy Bee

Element Neutral
HP 20
Capture Dice 0 (0 pts)
Rare Capture Dice 0 (0 pts)
Core Dice Attack

This page contains the statistics for the monster Dizzy Bee.


Dice Unlocks (3/18/33) Dice Set: X
Dice Unlock Lvl Cost Shards
Attack 2 100 2 Common
Poison 5 200 2 Common, 1 Rare
Attack Multiplier 1-2 10 300 3 Common, 1 Rare
Health >1 15 400 2 Common, 1 Rare, 3 Health
Attack Multiplier 1-3 20 500 6 Common, 1 Rare

TRIVIA: Dizzy Bee is named after the dizzy bee character that featured in the popular iOS game of the same name. Springloaded are friends with the developers of the original game, and so decided to put the monster in.

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