The Cinema is a building where you can watch ads. Watching ads will earn you rewards. The more ads you watch, the better rewards you can get.

The ads are mostly for other free apps. But sometimes, you can get ads for movies, TV shows, or even ads you may get watching TV, such as ads for cars.

Upon watching an ad, you will be rewarded 1 stamp. Stamps can traded in at the Redemption Counter for different rewards. There is no limit to how many stamps you can own at once, but the most expensive reward costs 20 stamps.

At the moment, there are only 20 rewards you can purchase. Each reward costs a specific amount of stamps to redeem. The list of rewards is as follows:

  1. 25 Coins
  2. 75 Coins
  3. 175 Coins
  4. 1 Building Material
  5. 300 Coins
  6. 1 Common Item
  7. 1 Phoenix Up
  8. 500 Coins
  9. 1 Monster DNA
  10. 1 Common Dice Shard
  11. 3 Building Materials
  12. 750 Coins
  13. 1 Item (this reward can include Rare Items)
  14. 2 Monster DNA
  15. 5 Building Materials
  16. 1000 Coins
  17. 3 Monster DNA
  18. 1 Item (this reward can include Very Rare Items)
  19. 1500 Coins
  20. 1 Uncut Dice

As soon as a reward is purchased, you are immediately taken back to the town.

Trivia Edit

Ads will only appear in the Cinema, unlike other games, where they'll appear randomly between levels.

When the Cinema says you've run out of ads to watch, occasionally, you can leave and immediately re-enter to watch more ads.

If you redeem stamps for random rewards and don't like the outcome, you can reload your saved game from the cloud and try again for a better reward (make sure to save before redeeming!)

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