• Ewcongogamer


    November 3, 2015 by Ewcongogamer

    I've caught all non-Ex monsters, working on PvP to just see all the Ex monsters as it takes so long to get uncut dice.  In the meanwhile I am working to get all the stickers and marking statistics on what stickers I get on each level of the tower for our wonderful wiki :) So far:

    5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50  Level
    1 9 8 5 3 1

    2 1 2 5 6

    3 1 1
    7 6 3 3 1 1

    1 2 2 1 6 5 2 3


    1 1
    3 6




    1 1 1



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  • Xanith02100

    This guide is a comparison of all of the current four heroes when each are at level 99. The purpose of this guide is to give the player a good idea of which hero a player wants to focus on long-term.

    To determine this I have listed out all of the dice each hero obtains and ranked them on a point system. The points given for each dice are my opinion only, which means your preferred hero may not rank the greatest. I have however stuck  to a specific criteria for ranking the dice, so I hope that the comparison will be beneficial!

    Please read this to understand how the heroes were ranked below. This is how I value each dice in order of most valuable to least valuable and why:

    • Multiplier Dice: These dice are most valuable as their ability to great…

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  • Tungnon

    Hi again! This is Tungnon here, the most handsome TDD player ever! And today as I'm specialize at this stuff I shall make this Dark Tower to help everyone have a nice time challenge it! Btw, I like big pics.


    Dark Tower is a HUGE dungeon which contain many powerful "bosses". Dark Tower can be unlocked by beating Scorching Desert , Floating Islands and Dried Up Riverbed. Well I don't have anything to say here anymore. If you are reading this plz go to other paragraph and Tungnon is handsome.

    • Climbing dark tower is the ideal test to your party that is your party strong enough?
    • After you can climb dark tower easily (can OTK monsters there), this maybe ideal way to train your…

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  • Tungnon

    This is the updated version of this post. And while that post focused on fastest lvl to get "multiplier > 3" dice but instead focus on maximum damage dealt when they are lv 99 (in term of long run). You can still comment at this post if something is not right or you have a idea to tell me. Again,Healers and Poisoners are NOT tiered due to their own UNIQUENESS(Yes they are :D). Lastly,please READ the "Damage Per Roll" paragraph before proceed.

    • V.1.0 - Created this guide
    • V.1.1 - Added Calculations on some monsters
    • V.1.2 - Make pure text to table for easier reading , completed calculations and merged tier H, I and J
    • V.1.2.1 - Make Deah Kiss to tier S- and added Ricochet to tier G
    • V.1.3 - Added version history and make Death Kiss to Tier S. Also ad…

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  • Tungnon

    Monster Analysis : Death Kiss

    December 21, 2014 by Tungnon

    Death Kiss one of most poppular monster in TDD. This monster is very good in mid-game and a long run. His quadruple core is also good for free monsters. While his dice set is not as good as others but he is reliable. If you got him with monster hunter from early game, this is treat to many monsters in quests. But too bad he is catchable so late and when you got it you may think better monsters to use instead of him.

    Bad news is he can't get double core due to dice set E doesn't have quadruple attack in it. But it doesn't matter he can still build with other dice instead.

    This dice is good for the beginning. While this mutiplier s*cks but half a loaf is better than none!

    he gets this at lv 10. Still nice choice for early level.

    Looking for fill…

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  • Tungnon

    Hey guys,Tungnon here again!

    If you read the heading you should know now why you are here. You shouldn't here for battle strategy right? Well nvm. This is a blog which is detailed about crafting dices and equip them after you craft them!

    Dice are the main and the key of this game. If you don't know how they relate to this game plz delete this game. JK I know you know about them already. Oh, if you wonder ghow mayn type of dice in this game just check this out! Dice are made of dice shards right? Well I gonna explain about them.

    Dice shards are the ingredients of the dice. You can get them by quest root ,monster drop or by smashing uncut dice. For more info about uncut dice click here . Anyway here we go!

    As the name tell, you should know that …

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  • Tungnon

    Welcome to guide to uncut dices! If u are here to look about battle and monster strategy juts plz get out of here cuz this post contains only UNCUT DICES! Please note that I gonna make post about dice shards in an another post. What are u waiting for? Just get start!

    Look at this majestic things. Its so much valuable even coins can't buy one of them. Oh what it make so majestic? Well,uncut dice is a dice which isn't finished to used yet. Its also one of this game accuracy of this game. I still don't know why its so majestic lol. Anyway,do you wonder where they com from? Well this picture should answer it well.

    Don't make sense? LOL Ofc,it isn't! Dices come from mine??? So much logic applied.

    From now I will explain about uncut dices with DO'S…

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  • Tungnon

    (Checking microphone and sound system) "Hey, turn on the speakers!" "Ok, in a sec" *Speaker opened*  *Checking scripts* "Hey, where are my scripts!" "Oh sorry, I forgot that I put them in the achieve." *Checking my handsome face* "Ok, we are ready now." "3!" "2!" "1!"

    Hi, I'm Tungnon the most handsome TDD player. Today I gonna make a guide for the beginners!

    First you can follow the game tutorial so u can understand basic game mechanics. As you progress you may wish to understand something about this game check this out!

    Yes this is most important part of the game. Most ppl prefer going with buzzo and dominate the game. Buzzo is ok tho but as the game progress you may need to release him because he is too weak. You may do few things to make t…

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  • Tungnon

    Welcome to my blogs!

    December 11, 2014 by Tungnon

    (Checking microphone and sound system) "Hey, turn on the speakers!" "Ok, in a sec" *Speaker opened*  *Checking scripts* "Hey, where are my scripts!" "Oh sorry, I forgot that I put them in the achieve." *Checking my handsome face* "Ok, we are ready now." "3!" "2!" "1!"

    Ladies and gentlemen! I'm Tungnon, the most handsome Tiny Dice Dungeon player. As I'm quite experienced player,I have several edits at this TDD wikia and post some posts at the Tiny Dice Dungeon Subreddit. You will be surprised that why I'm here. Today as a special ceremony to open this special blogs for all TDD players! Say hi to Tungnon's TDD blogs! 

    Yes as I said before. This blog is about anything that related to TDD. From the basics and tips for the beginners such as tips …

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  • Zombieman1350

    Shard Help

    August 16, 2014 by Zombieman1350

    I only recently downloaded this game, and I already have the plans to build a Health Dice. Problem is, I need 2 health shards, and I don't know an easy way to get them. And watching enough ads to get cinema stamps to buy uncut dice isn't working out for me. Any advice?

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  • Macst34

    4x monsters

    July 7, 2014 by Macst34

    4x all

    • Death Kiss physical ex
    • Nuclien fire ex
    • Eggburgenejal  forest
    • Rafflezia forest ex
    • Bulbon water ex

    • Anguloid

    • C64 + 6O2
    • Calculord
    • Capy

    • Danzer
    • De Mimic
    • Duke of Nothing

    • Furnier

    • Generic Jrpg Enemy
    • Gorgle
    • Great Dragon

    • Hankor
    • Hybernocturn

    • Jagger

    • Liveevil

    • Micro Gigantor

    • Skulltulon

    • Ultra Hexagon

    • Decider for Fates

    • Terrornator

    • Vert
    • Von Hell

    • Armuloid

    • Hoggly

    • Bell Curve

    • Green Mind

    • Samiecolon
    • Simmons

    • Yellulon
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